Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lucky Number 3....

Here [there?!?] lies my beloved third Blackberry. At the age of about 4 weeks, I barely knew ye. You liked to play BrickBreaker, and go for walks, never complaining or shutting off.

Sadly, this week I mourn the loss of my 3rd Blackberry Curve. I honestly think these phones have something in them that magnetically makes them repel from me! I have never been the type of person to go through phones constantly, my first one lasted me 3 years and my second one I had up until the beginning of last semester and it still works like a charm! They all died of old age. But no, not this one! If I so much as look at wrong when I turn my alarm off in the morning it will spontaneously blow up. Not really, but I wouldn't be surprised. The thing is, I am way too addicted to it to go back to another phone! I know three is an unlucky number so I'm holding out for number 4. Thank goodness for insurance!

PS. I did leave this one on a train though :( New Year's Resolution- be less spastic!

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