Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year... New Decade?!

Hi again! So, I just realized that 2010 is a completely new DECADE! How exciting! I know it's not techincally New Years yet, but I'm so excited to make some resolutions that I actually WANT to keep this year! I can't wait to tell ya'll about my plans for the New Year, first resolution is to make some ha! I was just reading over this planning what I want to post in the future, and I realized that I had posted about informercials, and since that post I have caved in and am now the proud owner of every single one of those items. Helpppp shopping addiction, gullible anyone? Oh well, hope everyone had a FABULOUS new year, I look forward to blogging more come January :)

Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay... so it's been a while. Sorry ya'll! Seriously though, my goal is to keep up with blogging this year so I will!

So my current life obsession right now is [are?] infomercials. Usually, I know, they are completely unreasonable things that you wouldn't ever need in 10,000 years but lately they have been KILLING me. Basically my 3 favorites fall in to 3 categories: HILARIOUS, Gotta have it, and Freakin' Unbelievable. Ah hemmm...


The Snuggie. I can not get over this. Who on earth developed such a phenomenon as a blanket with sleeves?! I could watch this over and over and over and... over just to see the sheer joy brought to the people in this commercial simply by a blanket... WITH SLEEVES. I have to say my favorite part is when the lady appears to be in utter panic trying to reach the phone with a "traditional" blanket on and JUST. CAN'T. DO. IT. Then, safely within the comfort and ease of the Snuggie, she can answer the telephone with ease. Well, that or picturing my entire family in them sitting in my den. Gets me every time.

PS. My sources tell me the knock-off is called the Slanket. I'm dyin'.


The Hollywood Bump-It. Sure, sounds like the stupidest thing in the world but YOU try getting your thick curly hair blow-dried, straightened and then into the perfect 'do! All my friends have lovingly described my favorite straight hairstyle as the "flip-and-poof". Literally, every time the hair is straight, it goes right into that like it knowwwws what I want. However, after a strenuous day of classes, night on the town or wedding/fam function? FLAT POOF. So wrong. With the Bump-it, that ain't even an issue girrllssss.


One word (kind of). ShamWow. This thing is a-ma-zing... looking. My best friend refers to the salesguy as 'Popeye', but really- 20/20 vision or not kids, boyfriend gets the job done. By the end of this infomercial we were literally pulling eachother's credit cards out of our hands with the jaws of life. This towel could prolly soak up the Atlantic Ocean on a good day. Seriously. And if you're anything like me there are always ample spills and opportunities to soak up mass amounts of liquid. If not, then use it to squeegie yourself like Micheal Phelps does, only after a shower instead of winning Gold medals on the 500 Butterfly.

Please. For your own safety, put your credit cards in the freezer before you watch these. But please, for your own enjoyment, watch them.

More weekend updates soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday- Tuesday

So the other day, my friend and I were talking about being homesick and she said " I get homesick from Sunday to Tuesday, and sometimes it makes me cry." Now, I have never heard more true words. PLEASE don't get me wrong, I looove my school and my friends here and I'm as prone to moodiness as the next girl. However, I thought this was quite a genius observation. If you think about it, Sunday is the day you usually spend with your family. You get to recover from the weekend, go to church, eat a big lunch/dinner and just laze around. Monday is stressful because you're starting your week and organizing your life, Tuesday just feels a little hopeless... But then! You're on to the middle of the week, Thrilling Thursday when everything is winding down and then the weekend! I think Friday afternoon is the most exciting, happy time of the week. I really don't get homesick that often, but tell me that just doesn't make perfect sense??

Howeverrr... I did wake up in my bed last night at school and totally panic. I thought I was in my bed at home and didn't recognize anything, almost fell out of it and then almost cried cause I missed my little house! But all is right again and will be, no worries :)

Alsooo... Syllabus/crush week... too exciting! Will post later on about such exciting activities ha

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"I'm in love with a girl who's in love with the world..."

That is from one of my faaavorite Amos Lee songs "Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight". He is the most chill, amazing artist and I've just recently become so obsessed... I mean my other favorite song by him, Southern Girl? Come onnnn...

So anywho, I've decided to make that my first and foremost New Years resolution, to be in love with the world. Have ya'll ever met anyone like that? There is just something about them that you can't place your finger on... Something that makes them never get the blues or stop wondering and smiling... I like to see myself like that, and I do try to be, it's just SO easy to get trapped in these little "bubbles". I don't know if its moodiness or anxiety or whaaat gets me like that but I want to control it, stop it, and fall in looove with the world all over again.

I was thinking about it tonight and it's kind of like discovering something new in a little town, or even a new aspect to something old you've had lying around the house for some time. You're like "WHOA I didn't even know ____ could do that!" Or "I never knew this was here before!" "If I had only known before..." And sometimes it's too late, or too much time has passed.

The world is SUCH a cool place and I'm still so young, even though its hard I can't be bogged down with worry about the future or the past. Sorry to get so deep on ya'll tonight, it's just what's on my mind :) Have a faaaaantastic evening!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Robin [from da'] Hood

Stealin' from the poor, givin' to Heaven only knows who! This is the story of my life for the past two months. Allllow me to explain.
So at the beginning of last semester, girlfriend goes to buy a book for school at my local Books-a-Million. I'm feeling pretty cocky because I had just secured the LAST copy in my whole town- let me holler to procrastination-when the saleslady asks me if I want to try some free magazine subscriptions. Now, momma didn't raise no fool... I know to usually shy away from these types of things, if they're too good to be true they usually are, yadda yadda yadda... But nooo she claims that once I receive my fill of magazines that I would be able to simply call a number and voila! No charges, and a treadmill/bathroom stocked with People magazines for years to come.


After literally 3 months of not receiving a danged ol' magazine, I figure hey, win some ya lose some, I'll have to buy my mags like everyone else. Then around the Christmas season, I begin to see my bank account sllooowwwlllyy start to go down to heck 50 and 60 dollar charges at a time with some random TWX1239813049283 jank where the purchase should have been.

Long story short: I have no magazines, no way to quit these charges, and oh, ya, NO MONEYYY.
Plus, I feel like one idiot baby for being taken on such a ride. Luckily, I'm getting provisional credit from my ah-mazing company in the meantime but HECK if those magazine bandits think they've heard the last from me!

Helloooo Darlin'!

Well hello ya'll! In the spirit of the new year I've decided to give up lurking and finally try my hand at blogging. I feel like I've spent so many months laughing, crying, laughing til I cried (or something came out of my nose) and just commiserating with ya'll. Also, you will find that I do NOT like being left out on things, so here I am to share and be shared with! I feel like I know ya'll so well and I can't wait to be in on all the good stuff :) Look forward to joining the crowd!