Monday, May 24, 2010

LOVE and memories

So I don't know if any of ya'll were "Too" girls like I was... (I was heartbroken the day they changed their name to Justice!) Anyways, my favorite part of shopping there was that I could go to a section, pick out some things that I liked, and I would always be matching. The "blue" section featured blue hawaiian print shorts and a lighter version of the blue with a matching pattern top, etc. etc. Now, as long as you didn't get crazy and hop over to the bright pink section, you were pretty much guaranteed to be good to go upon leaving.

Flash forward to recent years when I walk in somewhere like J.Crew. I see this adorable outfits on manequins around the store but how on earth am I supposed to dress myself like that without taking it off of them? (I may or may not have really done this there before... Judge me). I come out with one random t-shirt and a pair of shorts that don't even go together! I was so much more satisfied when I could simply leave with an entire outfit, stress-free and happy.

Present day. Literally, like an hour ago... Leaving Talbots with that same warm fuzzy feeling I used to have back in the days of Limited Too. The purple section, the blue section, everything adorable and put together, just like I'd like to seem!

I had never really considered Talbots for myself, but entering big girl world, I decided to give it a chance and I'm so glad that I did! Everything there is SO cute and well made! And if, for some reason, you can't navigate the matching sections, the saleswomen are all super helpful and dressed to a t as well! Definitely stop by and check it out if you haven't, ya'll! You won't regret it :)

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  1. Great story! So glad you discovered the secret that Talbots isn't about an age, more like a stage. Check out our blog, I think you'll enjoy it too...