Friday, January 9, 2009

Robin [from da'] Hood

Stealin' from the poor, givin' to Heaven only knows who! This is the story of my life for the past two months. Allllow me to explain.
So at the beginning of last semester, girlfriend goes to buy a book for school at my local Books-a-Million. I'm feeling pretty cocky because I had just secured the LAST copy in my whole town- let me holler to procrastination-when the saleslady asks me if I want to try some free magazine subscriptions. Now, momma didn't raise no fool... I know to usually shy away from these types of things, if they're too good to be true they usually are, yadda yadda yadda... But nooo she claims that once I receive my fill of magazines that I would be able to simply call a number and voila! No charges, and a treadmill/bathroom stocked with People magazines for years to come.


After literally 3 months of not receiving a danged ol' magazine, I figure hey, win some ya lose some, I'll have to buy my mags like everyone else. Then around the Christmas season, I begin to see my bank account sllooowwwlllyy start to go down to heck 50 and 60 dollar charges at a time with some random TWX1239813049283 jank where the purchase should have been.

Long story short: I have no magazines, no way to quit these charges, and oh, ya, NO MONEYYY.
Plus, I feel like one idiot baby for being taken on such a ride. Luckily, I'm getting provisional credit from my ah-mazing company in the meantime but HECK if those magazine bandits think they've heard the last from me!

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