Saturday, January 10, 2009

"I'm in love with a girl who's in love with the world..."

That is from one of my faaavorite Amos Lee songs "Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight". He is the most chill, amazing artist and I've just recently become so obsessed... I mean my other favorite song by him, Southern Girl? Come onnnn...

So anywho, I've decided to make that my first and foremost New Years resolution, to be in love with the world. Have ya'll ever met anyone like that? There is just something about them that you can't place your finger on... Something that makes them never get the blues or stop wondering and smiling... I like to see myself like that, and I do try to be, it's just SO easy to get trapped in these little "bubbles". I don't know if its moodiness or anxiety or whaaat gets me like that but I want to control it, stop it, and fall in looove with the world all over again.

I was thinking about it tonight and it's kind of like discovering something new in a little town, or even a new aspect to something old you've had lying around the house for some time. You're like "WHOA I didn't even know ____ could do that!" Or "I never knew this was here before!" "If I had only known before..." And sometimes it's too late, or too much time has passed.

The world is SUCH a cool place and I'm still so young, even though its hard I can't be bogged down with worry about the future or the past. Sorry to get so deep on ya'll tonight, it's just what's on my mind :) Have a faaaaantastic evening!

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