Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay... so it's been a while. Sorry ya'll! Seriously though, my goal is to keep up with blogging this year so I will!

So my current life obsession right now is [are?] infomercials. Usually, I know, they are completely unreasonable things that you wouldn't ever need in 10,000 years but lately they have been KILLING me. Basically my 3 favorites fall in to 3 categories: HILARIOUS, Gotta have it, and Freakin' Unbelievable. Ah hemmm...


The Snuggie. I can not get over this. Who on earth developed such a phenomenon as a blanket with sleeves?! I could watch this over and over and over and... over just to see the sheer joy brought to the people in this commercial simply by a blanket... WITH SLEEVES. I have to say my favorite part is when the lady appears to be in utter panic trying to reach the phone with a "traditional" blanket on and JUST. CAN'T. DO. IT. Then, safely within the comfort and ease of the Snuggie, she can answer the telephone with ease. Well, that or picturing my entire family in them sitting in my den. Gets me every time.

PS. My sources tell me the knock-off is called the Slanket. I'm dyin'.


The Hollywood Bump-It. Sure, sounds like the stupidest thing in the world but YOU try getting your thick curly hair blow-dried, straightened and then into the perfect 'do! All my friends have lovingly described my favorite straight hairstyle as the "flip-and-poof". Literally, every time the hair is straight, it goes right into that like it knowwwws what I want. However, after a strenuous day of classes, night on the town or wedding/fam function? FLAT POOF. So wrong. With the Bump-it, that ain't even an issue girrllssss.


One word (kind of). ShamWow. This thing is a-ma-zing... looking. My best friend refers to the salesguy as 'Popeye', but really- 20/20 vision or not kids, boyfriend gets the job done. By the end of this infomercial we were literally pulling eachother's credit cards out of our hands with the jaws of life. This towel could prolly soak up the Atlantic Ocean on a good day. Seriously. And if you're anything like me there are always ample spills and opportunities to soak up mass amounts of liquid. If not, then use it to squeegie yourself like Micheal Phelps does, only after a shower instead of winning Gold medals on the 500 Butterfly.

Please. For your own safety, put your credit cards in the freezer before you watch these. But please, for your own enjoyment, watch them.

More weekend updates soon!

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